KD VI - "Meteorology"

 Are you sneaker fanatics ready for the upcoming Saturday release of the Kevin Durant Meteorology's? This colourway has definitely caught the eyes of many sneaker heads for its unique geographical markings and use of bright colours. These one of a kind patterns actually represent Kevin Durant's journey throughout the United States and also showcases his earlier passion for meteorology (study of the atmosphere). If you like these kicks and want to grab a pair for yourself, check out Sole Awesome for more details on the shoe and as always, enjoy browsing through our gallery of pictures for the Meteorology's!


Air Jordan 1 - "Shadow"

Identical to its original release in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 "Shadow" will yet again be hitting the shelves of a sneaker store near you. With "Nike Air" branding placed generously throughout the shoe and sporting the popular grey/black colourway, the Shadows will surely be a big hit like they were in the past. Pick up a pair for yourself at Sole Awesome and in the meantime take a look at the variety of pictures we took for these retro sneakers!


Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ - "Multi-color"

Recent editions of the Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ have all been relatively conservative in terms of their colourway. This one however will be quite different, with all the colours of the spectrum tactfully woven into a rainbow weave, it will definitely capture the attention of passerby's. On top of this, these shoes are by far one of the most comfortable sneakers produced by Nike, providing both walking comfort and adequate ventilation. Grab a pair for yourself at Sole Awesome and in the meantime browse through the pictures we have taken!


Nike Air Foamposite - "Thermal Map"

Getting back into the swing of things, here are the Nike Air Foamposite - "Thermal Map's" that will be releasing on September 28th. With a pearl white foam upper and accented with red/pink blotches depicting thermal imaging, it really shows that Nike is taking a step forward by introducing new and creative designs to their line up. Grab a pair for yourself at Sole Awesome and in the meantime check out the photos we took for these awesome kicks!


Air Jordan 1 & 3 - "Joker"

Top: Air Jordan 3 - Joker
Bottom: Air Jordan 1 - Joker
To change things up a bit, here are two sneakers that were released in the early half of 2013 that have gained much attention for its vibrant colourway that resembles the popular DC Comic villain, the "Joker". Living up to its nickname, both shoes will have purple, black, and green designs that cover the entirety of the shoe. As you probably already know, the availability of this colourway will be exclusive to only the Jordan 1 and 3 models. If you like what you see and want a pair for yourself, check out Sole Awesome for purchasing details! Meanwhile, browse through the photos we have taken for these sinister looking kicks!


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG - "Clover/Celtic"

Inspired by one of the most notable rivalries in basketball history, the Air Jordan 1 Clovers or sometimes known as the "Celtics" will be a tribute to the 1985 NBA season. With a hardwood pattern on the upper green leather and accented with the gold, black, and white colourway, it gives the shoe an old-school Celtic vibe that no other shoe offers. If you like these Celtic inspired AJ1's that were released in early April, visit Sole Awesome for details on how to grab a pair for yourself and enjoy some of the pictures we took for these sneakers!


Air Jordan 3 Retro '88 - "White Cement"

As most of you probably know, the Air Jordan 3 White Cement was first released in early February and was followed with a restock just a couple weeks ago on May 25th. Being a Retro release, these kicks will be sporting "Nike Air" branding on the heel of the shoe instead of the previously used Jumpman logo. As always, the AJ3's will be accented with grooved elephant print leather on both the heel and toe area to give the shoe a unique and wild look. Want a pair yourself? Visit Sole Awesome for additional information and in the meantime, enjoy the gallery of photos that we took in the warm Summer sun!


Air Jordan V Retro - "Fire Red"

I'm sure most of you are excited for the release of the Black Grapes this Saturday, but Nike has another retro Air Jordan 5 colourway headed in our direction. With the "Fire Red" launch date of August 31st fast approaching, expect to see a fleet of Jordan 5's taking over a street near you. Released only once previously in 2006, the Fire Red's will be making its return trip to the podium with the familiar stitched "23" on the heel and premium black fabric for the tongue. If you are looking to cop a pair for yourself before the release date, visit Sole Awesome for pre-release details. For now, browse through the photos we took of the AJ5's in the beautiful outdoors!


Air Foamposite Pro Limited Edition - "Army Camo"

With Nike introducing the very first camouflage pattern for the Foamposite - "Jet Fighter's" in early February of 2013, it is no surprise to see the "Army Camo" foams hitting stores soon after. Released last Saturday on June 8th, these Foamposites will adorn military camouflage print along with black mesh-like fabric on the upper and accented with lime-green stitching throughout the tongue and Swoosh logo. The most defining feature for this shoe however happens to be its distinct gum sole, which gives these kicks a rugged look and feel. Here's a gallery of pictures that we took for these military inspired camouflage sneakers!


Air Jordan VIII Retro 2013 - "Playoffs"

With the original release date conflicting with the Black Grape release, Nike decided to push back the official launch of the Jordan 8 Playoffs to the 29th of June. Launch dates aside, the Jordan VIII will always be recognized as the final shoe that Jordan wore before his abrupt retirement and this colourway will be a direct tribute to those last few games. Luckily, we here at Sole Awesome have the opportunity to grab a sneak peak at the Playoffs as well as snap a few pictures for you all to enjoy!


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG - "Black Toe"

Originally released in 1985, the very first rendition of the Jordan 1 has become one of the most recognized shoes in the world. On May 25th 2013, Nike decided to re-release these iconic sneakers with a similar colour palette much like its predecessor. These Air Jordan's will be branded with the original "Nike Air" logo that was used in the 1985 release instead of  the "Jump Man" logo which has been used as of late. Check out Sole Awesome to order a pair of these original retro kicks and in the meantime browse through the pictures that we have taken for these timeless classics.


Air Jordan V - "Black Grapes/Aqua"

After several changes for the release date of the much anticipated Air Jordan V "Black Grapes/Aqua", Nike has finally decided on a June 15th launch date. This may be disheartening news to some sneaker heads who were planning on being the first to get their hands on the shoe, but have no fear! Sole Awesome is here! We will be offering pre-orders for the Black Grapes on our website: Sole Awesome, so get them while they are still available!

And last but not least, to satisfy our loyal readers, here are some pictures of the Black Grapes taken from Sole Awesome head quarters!